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company name:
Raymond Doetjes
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
eProxy description
eProxy software is an SMTP proxy server framework specially designed for use in conjunction with Postfix version 2.1 and higher. However, it does also work as a frontend proxy however security wise I trust on the postfix smtpd.

What can eProxy be used for?
It is very fast and utilizes multi-threading. It is especially fast when it comes to your actual content filtering where you can use the speed of C/C++ in comparison to the interpreted language. It is very easy to use.

There are a few SMTP PROXY implementations out there but all I found are developed in either Perl or Python and some of them are extremely complex to use. This implementation makes it very easy to develop your own content filter in C+ and you only have to implement it in any of the following functions from(string from), to(string to), body(string body) and return a positive number to allow delivery and a negative number to disallow delivery.

You can of course still call to your processing/content filter "script(s)" via a popen(), system() or exec() call and run them through this method.. - Unix related tutorials, resources, solves, downloads and more.... - Unix Solutions: solves, tutorials and applications.
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