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ErrorZilla Plus

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Crend King
license: Freeware
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ErrorZilla Plus description
ErrorZilla Plus is a Firefox extension that acts as a replacement of Firefox's default error page, which adds some useful tools to aid your troubleshooting.

The tools include:
- Google Cache (view the page cached by Google)
- Coralize (use Coral CDN proxy to connect again)
- Wayback (view an earlier version of this page)
- Ping (use a server to ping the target server)
- Trace (trace the network route from you to the server)
- Whois (look up who owns the website)
- Proxify (use your custom web proxy to connect)

This extension is originally based on the ErrorZilla Mod extension. I added a "Proxify" function into it. When error page shows, you can choose a web proxy from a list and browse the unreachable network address via it.

Another feature (though maybe not noteworthy) is, it does NOT write anything into Firefox's preference list (actually it CANNOT), even if you customize proxies. Thus, anytime you want to uninstall or reinstall it, your Firefox is always clean!

Currently, the latest version is limited to the latest Firefox, because the patched error page must be compatible, and dynamical patching is still not available.. Keren Jin | CS Grad Student, UCSC. Publisher of ErrorZilla Plus, Author of ErrorZilla Plus 0.7. ErrorZilla Plus is a Firefox extension that acts as a replacement of Firefox's default error page, which adds some useful tools to aid your troubleshooting. The tools include: - Google
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