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Jonathan Nowitz
license: Freeware
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FireTitle description
FireTitle is an extension that allows you to label your Firefox browser windows with mnemonic titles. Find the Firefox window you're looking for, fast.

The title of your windows is what you use to find a window from the system tray, the Alt-Tab (or Command-Tab or ...) window, etc. The default title of a Firefox window only has the title of the document in the selected tab, plus the name of the binary. Additional information is useful to allow you to find the window you want.

If you use multiple profiles, an indicator as to which profile you are using is very helpful. If you have all of your email tabs open in one window, and all of your financial tabs in another, it would be handy if your windows were titled "Mail" and "Finance". FireTitle allows you to do these things and more, customizing the titles of individual windows for fun and convenience.

Developer Comments

Use Ctrl-; for faster access to name-changing functionality! or move the FT sticky-note button from the customize panel to a toolbar.. . Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes.
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