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Forex Currency Converter

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Forex Currency Converter description

Forex Currency Converter is a Firefox extension provided by FXware.

When enabled on your Firefox browser, this add-on will automatically identify numbers such as prices and other currency information within the contents of the webpages that you are browsing and make such numbers "clickable" so that you can convert them into another currency or commodity instantly. For example, when you are visiting one of your favorite shopping or auction sites, this add-on will let you click on any price tag displayed on your screen and convert that amount to one of the 180+ currencies available using up-to-date foreign exchange rates right on your browser without the need to open another window or tab.

This add-on is a web based service and does not download any currency exchange rate information to your computer; however, it requires an active internet connection. The conversion page that displays the exchange results includes advertisement/sponsor links.

For more information or support, please visit us at, where you can also find our other forex tools and utilities including converters for your Blackberries, iPhone/iPods, and other mobile devices, web widgets, and Facebook applications.

Here are some key features of "Forex Currency Converter":

· Ability to select how you want the numbers appear on your browser screen – solid-underline (default), dotted-underline, or no-underline from the add-on options menu
· Auto-populate the conversion amount from the web page that you are visiting
· Identify your locale based on the version of the Firefox you are using and configure "decimal separators" accordingly (e.g., if you are a user from the United Kingdom, the decimal separator will be a "period"; if you are a user from Spain, the decimal separator will be a "comma", etc.)
· Remember your last conversion and use those FROM and TO parameters for your next conversion request so that you don't need to make the same selections each time
· Ability to invert the conversion you make and access to daily, weekly, monthly, and annual charts depicting the historical exchange trends of the currency pair that you selected
· Smart identification of currency figures (add-on will not highlight every number on webpage; it will omit figures such as time, dates, percentages, phone numbers, temperature degrees, SKU numbers, etc.). FXware | Useful Forex Tools. Latest forex currency information; anywhere you are, anytime you need. FXware provides innovative and practical currency tools.

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