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The Interclue Team
license: Freeware
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Interclue description

Interclue is an extensive and polished new add-on for Firefox that brings you link summaries, link context information and useful next action icons inside a handy tooltip window that turns up when you want it, not when you least expect it.

Clueviews are not like other web previews you may have seen. Clueviews show you actual main body text, rather than a cached image (like Bettersearch, or Snap Previews / Shots), or the entire page (like Cooliris, or Browster), or a few sentences (like iReader). There are also many well integrated extra features that can be turned on from the extensive user preferences window.

Interclue's motto is "every pixel counts" and we try to pack as much useful information and functionality as possible into our tooltip windows, but most importantly, they're fast, smooth, and easy to use.

There's a 2 minute tutorial included and that's about all you need to figure it out.. Interclue: Contact Us. Interclue is the browser add-on that previews web content and provides useful information to speed up your browsing. The Firefox version is available now.

Plugin - Pim - Browser - Firefox - Extension - Addon - Information Management - Browser Enhancement - Business Productivity - Faster Browsing - Ie7 - Browser Addon - Interclue - Link Preview - Web Preview - Efficient Browsing - Preview Links
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