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important software information
company name:
A Produle Systems
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Adobe AIR
functional limitations:
iPixer description

iPixer is an Adobe AIR tool for making interactive flash content from images. It is useful for creating image annotations, product walkthroughs and slick presentation of pictures with effects.


* Highlight features of a product
* Hotspot people of an image
* Mark places on a map
* Create rich annotations
* Present interactive pictures

How it works?

Its steps involve importing an image, placing markers/hotspots over the image and then adding content to signify them. Finally when the project is complete, it can be exported to a Adobe Flash SWF file along with its assets for offline/online viewing.

About Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on computers and devices running the Linux operating system. In addition, Adobe Flex Builder for Linux can be used to build rich internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems using proven web technologies.

Here are some key features of "iPixer":

· Import image in png, gif and jpg formats
· Choose from animated and glowing markers
· Apply effects to make it visually appealing. iPixer - Multimedia annotations, interactive pictures and product guides. iPixer is a graphics tool for turning images into interactive flash content.

Multimedia Annotations - Interactive Pictures And Product Guides
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