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company name:
Robin Atwood
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · KDE
functional limitations:
Kall description
Kall is a telephony application used as a kaddressbook script-hook.

Under Configure Addressbook/Script-Hooks/Phone, enter "kall --dial %N".
Then you can simply click on a phone number to dial it.

If you enter all your telephone numbers in international format, i.e.
"+cc-aaa-nnnn-nnnn" where "cc" is the country code and "aaa" is the area code, Kall will localise the number by stripping of the "+" and possibly the country code
and adding the appropriate dialling prefixes that you have entered in the "Dialling Codes" settings. This way, if you travel to another country, you need only update the settings with the local codes and do not need to change your address book entries.. .
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