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Zach Lipton, Jay Patel, ctalbert
license: Freeware
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Mozilla QA Companion description
Mozilla QA Companion will help the Mozilla Quality Assurance (QA) team test new versions of Firefox and stay connected with the QA community with this beta release of the Mozilla QA Companion!

It\'s the easiest way to get involved in the Mozilla QA community...

We\'re a network of countless volunteers from the Internet community, along with a group of Mozilla employees, who share the common mission of taming the Lizard through testing and constructively reporting bugs in Mozilla products.

This extension allows you to find bugs in Mozilla products by running simple tests within the browser. Helping out doesn\'t take up much of your time, doesn\'t require any special skills, and helps to improve Mozilla products like Firefox and Thunderbird.

This version of the Mozilla QA Companion provides an interface to:

· Litmus - our test tracking tool that you can use to help us test
· Bugzilla - our bug database so you can find and report bugs
· QMO - the home of Mozilla QA where you can find news, events and projects
· IRC - the main communication channel for the Mozilla community. How do you want to get involved? | QMO -
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