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Paste Email

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Chuck Baker
license: Freeware
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Paste Email description

Paste Email allows you to paste your email address into text fields.

If you're like me, you visit many webpages that prompt you for your email address to access the page or to sign up. My email address is particularly long (32 characters) and I'm no speed typist. I've often wished that there was a function key I could press that would paste my email address wherever I needed it. But since there isn't, I did the next best thing and wrote this simple extension.

What this extension is:
It is a simple shortcut for supplying an on-line form with your email address. Firefox has a built-in function that remembers previous input to text form fields. When you start to enter text into one of these fields, a drop-down selection box appears listing previous entries to choose from. This is great when it works. The problem is that Firefox only remembers fields that have the same internal field name. For example, one form may prompt for your email address with an internal name of "email". Another form may have the same prompt, but internally names the field "emailaddress"2.1.2. You and I know they mean the same thing, but Firefox treats them as uniquely different. In this case, Firefox would only provide you with choices if and only if you had previously filled in a form field with the internal name "emailaddress".

With the "Paste Email" extension, you don't need to second guess by starting to type in your email address and see if Firefox will recognize it. Just place the cursor in the field and click the "Paste Email" icon.

Strictly speaking, you can use this extension to paste any text string in any text input field. It doesn't have to be an email address, just any long text you have to enter somewhere often and don't want to type in every time. Consider it a "rubber stamp" of sorts.. Chuck Baker's Firefox Extensions Support Forum • Index page.

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