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PowerFolder for linux

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company name:
PowerFolder Team
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment
functional limitations:
PowerFolder for linux description
PowerFolder project consists of a program to synchronize folders over the internet or on a local net. It uses peer-to-peer technology to exchange the files. This means you do not need a hosting server. Every client holds a local copy of the folder.

It can be used to exchange every type of data for example music, photos, own documents or videos. PowerFolder automatically detects changes and synchronizes (configurable) !

- Documentation
- Screenshots
- Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
- Forum (Support and Community)
- Synchronisation profiles
- Team
- PR-Set (Logos, Banners, etc)

Here are some key features of "PowerFolder for Linux":

- File synchronisation between multiple PCs over internet or lan
- Supports multiple languanges
- Offers Private Networking
- Auto-detects changes
- Runs silently in system tray
- Easy-to-use user interface
- Easy installation and update, windows installer available
- Synchronize profiles control how folders get synchronized
- Pure peer-to-peer network. No server required
- MP3/ID3 tag support
- Out-of-Browser start (Java WebStart)
- Built-in compression of up- and downloads (GZIP)
- Link support for downloads like edonkey links
- Cross platfrom compatibility. PowerFolder is written completely in Java
- Automatically detects nodes on local net like windows network
- Intelligent upload / download strategy. Upload can be limited
- Integrated support for dynamic-dns addresses
- Full icon support for folders on windows systems
- Open-source

The main difference between PowerFolder and other Filesharing programs is, that files get automatically downloaded when someone adds new.

People with same interests group together in folders. If anybody has new stuff, he automatically sends it to all folder members.. File Sync, Folder Sync, Share Files, and Backup online or in lan. PowerFolder - File Synchronization, Share Files, Access Files and Online Backup - online or at home
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