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Markos Chandras
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
PySMSsend description
PySMSsend application was inspired by the SMS program on Cool4U found on Gentoo Forums

The supported language is the English language. No other language is supported by the voipbuster itself

This program is a free program which allows users to send sms over their voipbuster ,otenet and voipdiscount accounts. Its written in Python Scripting Language

Works as following:

1) Type your username and password and then hit the login button. You will be informed if the loggin process succeed or not

For safety reasons the program after Sucessfull login will erase the password field

2) Type the number ( in international form for voipbuster and voipdiscount ) and then the Message.

3) You can check the text size by pressing the appropriate button

4) By pressing the button "Insert Contact" The program will show you all the cell phones you have on kaddressbook. The programs assumes that you kaddressbook file on ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf

5) Finaly a sms report will appear telling you if the sms was sent or not. . Pysmssend is a program written in python, used to send sms through voip accounts. Currently the only supported OS are some distributions of Linux.
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