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company name:
Miguel Angel Marco Buzunariz
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Qt
functional limitations:
Qubladi Beta description
Qubladi is a PyQt front end for hcitool, sdptool and rfcomm. It allows you to scan for bluetooth devices and their services, and then to connect to those services through a rfcomm connection. Once done that, you can use for example KPPP to connect to the internet through your cell phone by bluetooth (using the /dev/rfcomm* device).

Developer comments

It is usable (it works for me, that is the reason why i decided to do it), but needs some work to be a production app. If someone is interested in improving it, or has some feedback, please contact me.

Also, if somebody is interested in collaborate (translating, coding, designing icons, or suggesting ideas), post a comment.. Applications for your KDE-Desktop - Applications for your KDE-Desktop - Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Printing Education Games Development Administration Scientific Security Utilities Screensaver News Forum GUI Polls Links Downloads QT Look X11 Linux
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