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VoIPER description
VoIPER is a security toolkit that aims to allow developers and security researchers to easily, extensively and automatically test VoIP devices for security vulnerabilties. It incorporates a fuzzing suite built on the Sulley fuzzing framework, a SIP torturer tool based on RFC 4475 and a variety of auxilliary modules to assist in crash detection and debugging.

VoIPER is a cross platform tool, usable via a command-line interface on Linux, Windows and OS X or a GUI on Windows. The primary goal of VoIPER is to create a toolkit with all required testing functionality built in and to minimise the amount of effort an auditor has to put into testing the security of a VoIP code base. This version has been extensively tested against a variety of SIP clients but should also work versus registrars, proxies, gateways and so on.. VoIPER : VoIP Exploit Research toolkit | Get VoIPER : VoIP Exploit Research toolkit at Get VoIPER : VoIP Exploit Research toolkit at Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
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