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Wizz RSS News Reader Lite

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Mike Kroger
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Wizz RSS News Reader Lite description

Wizz RSS News Reader Lite has all of the functionality of Wizz RSS News Reader, without the Watch List and without the weather.

Here are some key features of "Wizz RSS News Reader Lite":

· Supports all versions of RSS.
· Supports Atom 0.3 and 1.0.
· Supports Podcast (Enclosure) feeds.
· Supports Feed protocol.
· Integrated with Places.
· Filter news items on words and/or phrases.
· Feed Search - Finds feeds/OPML identified with correct mime types.
· Feed items stored locally for a user defined period of time.
· Quick Read function to test/preview feeds before adding them.
· Supports OPML import and export (Import OPML from local file or from remote host).
· Optionally read all feeds in a category with a single click.
· Optionally display sidebar on right hand side.
· Optionally hide read items.
· Optional server storage of feeds for easy access from any PC.
· Publish your feeds on any web site.
· Integrated Live Bookmark import.
· Integrated Live Bookmark support.
· Integrated email sharing of news items and/or feeds (via simple implementation of SMTP).
· Integrated domain specific Google search.
· Integrated Feedster search.
· Integrated Feedbase search.
· Also a fairly useful Gmail checker.. Wizz RSS News Reader. Wizz Rss News Reader - A free RSS news reader / RSS news aggregator extension for Firefox. Works with Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0 and all versions of RSS news feeds. Fully tested with Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Mac OSX 10.3 and Linux (Mandrake 10.0)

Download - Windows - Xp - Free - Firefox - Reader - Linux - Rss - Feed - Feeds - Xml - Mac - Atom - Rss Reader - News - Osx - Feed Reader - Atom Reader - News Reader - Channel - Syndication - Aggregation - Rssreader - Newsfeed - Mandrake - Readers - Aggregator - Feedreader - Wizz - Wizz Rss
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