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Laurent Querel
license: Freeware
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Yoono description
Yoono is a Firefox extension which instantly suggests similar sites, blog notes and people sharing the same interests while you are surfing, for each page you open.

Zero effort required - no more tagging, typing keywords or changing interface. Let Yoono bring you the best that others have discovered.

Yoono is easy, fun, addictive and designed for everyone.

As well, Yoono synchronizes your favorites automatically between computers and provides favorites export features in XBEL and OPML formats

This extension comes with a customizable toolbar that you can move almost wherever you like, and a sidebar that allows you to display at the same time another sidebar of your choice !

Yoono does not store any personal user data except:
- the favorites which have not been declared "secret"
- data freely and optionally given to Yoono by the user himself.
This is the data filled-out in the User Profile tab, it can be edited any time.

In no case Yoono markets or communicates to a third party any personal data collected. The data that is stored is necessary for the service to function or as the sole object of improving the quality of the service provided to users.

Yoono does not record the browsing of its users but uses the URL of the page viewed by a user to send back suggestions to his browser.. . Yoono is free software that allows you to connect and share with all your social networks and instant messaging services in one place
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