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Adam Kennedy
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Array::Window description
Many applications require that a large set of results be broken down into a smaller set of 'windows', or 'pages' in web language. Array::Window is a Perl module that implements an algorithm specifically for dealing with these windows. It is very flexible and permissive, making adjustments to the window as needed.

Note that this is NOT under Math:: for a reason. It doesn't implement in a pure fashion, it handles idiosyncracies and corner cases specifically relating to the presentation of data.


# Your search routine returns an reference to an array
# of sorted results of unknown quantity.
my $results = SomeSearch->find( 'blah' );

# We want to display 20 results at a time
my $window = Array::Window->new(
source => $results,
window_start => 0,
window_length => 20,

# Do we need to split into pages at all?
my $show_pages = $window->required;

# Extract the subset from the array
my $subset = $window->extract( $results );

# Are there 'first', 'last', 'next' or 'previous' windows?
my $first = $window->first;
my $last = $window->last;
my $next = $window->next;
my $previous = $window->previous;. . Adam Kennedy
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