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Andy Wardley
license: Freeware
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Badger::Class description

Badger::Class is a class metaprogramming Perl module.


# composing a new module
package Your::Module;

use Badger::Class
base => 'Badger::Base', # define base class(es)
version => 1.00, # sets $VERSION
debug => 0, # sets $DEBUG
throws => 'wobbler', # sets $THROWS error type
import => 'class', # import class() subroutine
utils => 'blessed params',# imports from Badger::Utils
codec => 'storable', # imports from Badger::Codecs
codecs => 'base64 utf8' # codecs do encode/decode
constants => 'TRUE FALSE', # imports from Badger::Constants
constant => { # define your own constants
pi => 3.14,
e => 2.718,
words => 'yes no quit', # define constant words
accessors => 'foo bar', # create accessor methods
mutators => 'wiz bang', # create mutator methods
as_text => 'text', # auto-stringify via text() method
is_true => 1, # overload boolean operator
overload => { # overload other operators
'>' => 'more_than',
' 'less_than',
vars => {
'$FOO' => 'Hello World', # defines $FOO package var
'@BAR' => [10,20,30], # defines @BAR
'?Z' => {x=>10, y=>20}, # defines ?Z
# leading '$' is optional for scalar package vars
WIZ => 'Hello World', # defines $WIZ as scalar value
WAZ => [10,20,30], # defines $WAZ as list ref
WOZ => {a=>10,y=>20}, # defines $WOZ as hash ref
WUZ => sub { ... }, # defines $WUZ as code ref
methods => { # create/bind methods
wam => sub { ... },
bam => sub { ... },
exports => { # exports via Badger::Exporter
all => '$X $Y wibble', # like @EXPORTS
any => '$P $Q pi e', # like @EXPORT_OK
tags => { # like %EXPORT_TAGS
xy => '$X $Y', # NOTE: 'X Y Z' is syntactic
pq => '$P $Q', # sugar for ['X', 'Y', 'Z']
hooks => { # export hooks - this synopsis
one => sub { ... }, # shows the various hooks that
two => sub { ... }, # Badger::Class defines: base,
}, # version, debug, etc.
messages => { # define messages, e.g. for
missing => 'Not found: %s', # errors, warnings, prompts, etc.
have_u => 'Have you %s my %s?',
volume => 'This %s goes up to %s',
}; # Phew!

# the rest of your module follows...
our $X = 10;
our $Y = 20;
sub whatever { ... }

# Other Badger::Class tricks
use Badger::Class 'class';

# compose a new class on the fly
->constant( max_volume => 10 )
->methods( about => sub {
"This amp goes up to " . shift->max_volume
} );

Amplifier->about; # This amp goes up to 10

# when you need that push over the cliff...
->constant( max_volume => 11 );

Nigels::Amplifier->about; # This amp goes up to 11

Badger::Class is a class metaprogramming module. It provides methods for defining, extending and manipulating object classes and related metadata in a relatively clean and simple way.

Using the Badger::Class module will automatically enable the strict and warnings pragmata in your module (thx Moose!). No exceptions. No questions asked. No answers given. It's for your own good.. .

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