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Steffen Beyer
license: Freeware
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Bit::ShiftReg description

Bit::ShiftReg is a Perl module that implements rotate left, rotate right, shift left and shift right operations with carry flag for all C integer types.


* use Bit::ShiftReg qw( bits_of_byte bits_of_short bits_of_int bits_of_long LSB_byte MSB_byte LSB_short MSB_short LSB_int MSB_int LSB_long MSB_long ROL_byte ROR_byte SHL_byte SHR_byte ROL_short ROR_short SHL_short SHR_short ROL_int ROR_int SHL_int SHR_int ROL_long ROR_long SHL_long SHR_long );

imports all (or some, by leaving some out) of the available operations and functions
* use Bit::ShiftReg qw(:all);

imports all available operations and functions
* $version = Bit::ShiftReg::Version();

returns the module's version number
* $bits = bits_of_byte();

returns the number of bits in a byte (unsigned char) on your machine
* $bits = bits_of_short();

returns the number of bits in an unsigned short on your machine
* $bits = bits_of_int();

returns the number of bits in an unsigned int on your machine
* $bits = bits_of_long();

returns the number of bits in an unsigned long on your machine
* $lsb = LSB_byte($value);

returns the least significant bit (LSB) of a byte (unsigned char)
* $msb = MSB_byte($value);

returns the most significant bit (MSB) of a byte (unsigned char)
* $lsb = LSB_short($value);

returns the least significant bit (LSB) of an unsigned short
* $msb = MSB_short($value);

returns the most significant bit (MSB) of an unsigned short
* $lsb = LSB_int($value);

returns the least significant bit (LSB) of an unsigned int
* $msb = MSB_int($value);

returns the most significant bit (MSB) of an unsigned int
* $lsb = LSB_long($value);

returns the least significant bit (LSB) of an unsigned long
* $msb = MSB_long($value);

returns the most significant bit (MSB) of an unsigned long
* $carry = ROL_byte($value);
* $carry = ROR_byte($value);
* $carry_out = SHL_byte($value,$carry_in);
* $carry_out = SHR_byte($value,$carry_in);
* $carry = ROL_short($value);
* $carry = ROR_short($value);
* $carry_out = SHL_short($value,$carry_in);
* $carry_out = SHR_short($value,$carry_in);
* $carry = ROL_int($value);
* $carry = ROR_int($value);
* $carry_out = SHL_int($value,$carry_in);
* $carry_out = SHR_int($value,$carry_in);
* $carry = ROL_long($value);
* $carry = ROR_long($value);
* $carry_out = SHL_long($value,$carry_in);
* $carry_out = SHR_long($value,$carry_in);. .

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