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important software information
company name:
Ivan Kohler
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Perl
functional limitations:
Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet description

Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet is a Perl module that implements the interface documented at


use Business::OnlinePayment;

my $tx = new Business::OnlinePayment("VirtualNet",
'merchant_id' => '999999999911',
'store' => '0011',
'terminal' => '9911',
'mcc' => '5999', #merchant category code
'bin' => '999995', #acquirer BIN (Bank Identification Number)
'zip' => '543211420', #merchant zip (US) or assigned city code

'agent' => '000000', #agent bank
'v' => '00000001',

'merchant_name' => 'Internet Service Provider', #25 char max
'merchant_city' => 'Gloucester', #13 char max
'merchant_state' => 'VA', #2 char

'seq_file' => '/tmp/bop-virtualnet-sequence',
'batchnum_file' => '/tmp/bop-virtualnet-batchnum', # :/ 0-999 in 5 days

type => 'CC',
login => 'test',
action => 'Authorization Only',
description => 'Business::OnlinePayment test',
amount => '49.95',
invoice_number => '100100',
name => 'Tofu Beast',
card_number => '4111111111111111',
expiration => '09/03',

if( $tx->is_success() ) {
print "Card authorized successfully: ".$tx->authorization."
} else {
print "Error: ".$tx->error_message."

if( $tx->is_success() ) {

my $capture = new Business::OnlinePayment("VirtualNet",
'agent' => '000001',
'chain' => '000000', #optional?
'v' => '00000001',

'merchant_id' => '999999999911',
'store' => '0011',
'terminal' => '9911',
'mcc' => '5999', #merchant category code
'bin' => '999995', #acquirer BIN (Bank Identification Number)

type => 'CC',
action => 'Post Authorization',
amount => '49.95',
card_number => '4111111111111111',
expiration => '09/03',
authorization => $tx->authorization,
authorization_source_code => $tx->authorization_source_code,
returned_ACI => $tx->returned_ACI,
transaction_identifier => $tx->transaction_identifier,
validation_code => $tx->validation_code,
transaction_sequence_num => $tx->transaction_sequence_num,
local_transaction_date => $tx->local_transaction_date,
local_transaction_time => $tx->local_transaction_time,
AVS_result_code => $tx->AVS_result_code,
#description => 'Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet test',

action => 'Post Authorization',
# order_number => $ordernum,
# amount => '0.01',
# authorization => $auth,
# description => 'Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet test',


if( $capture->is_success() ) {
print "Card captured successfully. Ivan Kohler -

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