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David Boyce
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ClearCase::ClearPrompt description

ClearCase::ClearPrompt is a Perl module that provides various areas of functionality, each based on clearprompt in some way but otherwise orthogonal. These are:

- Clearprompt Abstraction

Provides a simplified interface to the clearprompt program, taking care of creating and removing temp files as required.

- Trigger Series Support

Records and replays responses across multiple trigger firings.

- Message Capture

Catches output to stdout or stderr which would otherwise be lost in a GUI environment and pops them up as dialog boxes using clearprompt.

- GUI trigger debugging support

Can be told to run the trigger in a perl debugger session in a separate window. Useful for debugging trigger problems that come up only in the GUI.

- InterOp Environment Normalization

Modifies %ENV on Windows such that all CLEARCASE_* values use forward (/) slashes instead of backslashes. Generally useful in triggers where many path values such as $ENV{CLEARCASE_PN} are provided in the environment.

- Directory Chooser

Allows clearprompt to be used for selecting directories (aka folders).


use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(clearprompt);

# Boolean usage
my $rc = clearprompt(qw(yes_no -mask y,n -type ok -prompt), 'Well?');

# Returns text into specified variable (context sensitive).
my $txt = clearprompt(qw(text -pref -pro), 'Enter text data here: ');

# Asynchronous usage - show dialog box and continue
clearprompt(qw(proceed -mask p -type ok -prompt), "You said: $txt");

# Trigger series (record/replay responses for multiple elements)
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(clearprompt /TRIGGERSERIES);
my $txt = clearprompt(qw(text -pref -pro), 'Response for all elems: ');

# Clean up environment on Windows to use /-style paths:
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(/ENV);

# Cause the program to run in the debugger, even in a GUI environment:
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(/DEBUG);

# Automatically divert trigger error msgs to clearprompt dialogs
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(+ERRORS);

# As above but send error msgs via email instead to user1 and user2
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(+ERRORS=user1,user2);

# As above but send msgs to the current user
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt '+ERRORS=' . ($ENV{LOGNAME} || $ENV{USERNAME});

# Prompt for a directory (not supported natively by clearprompt cmd)
use ClearCase::ClearPrompt qw(clearprompt_dir);
my $dir = clearprompt_dir('/tmp', "Please choose a directory");. Clear Guidance Consulting. Publisher of ClearCase::ClearPrompt, Author of ClearCase::ClearPrompt 1.31. ClearCase::ClearPrompt is a Perl module that provides various areas of functionality, each based on clearprompt in some way but otherwise orthogonal. These are: - Clearprompt Abstraction Pro

Multiple - Windows - Program - Directory - Usage - Error - Dialog - Errors - Environment - Prompt - Values - Trigger - Debugging - Clearcase - Above - Clearcase Clearprompt - Publisher Of Clearcase Clearprompt - Author Of Clearcase Clearprompt 1 31 - Clearprompt - Responses - User1
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