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Stas Bekman
license: Freeware
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Devel::FakeOSName description
Devel::FakeOSName is a module to make Perl think it runs on a different OS.


# build us Makefile for aix
perl -MDevel::FakeOSName=aix Makefile.PL

Sometimes your code includes code specific to an OS that you don't have an access to, but you want to see what happens if it was to run on that other OS.

Currently mostly useful for looking at generated Makefiles. Needs much more work to be really useful.. . Manuals, Hints, Guidelines, Articles and Help
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Devel::CheckOS (Popularity: ) : Devel::CheckOS is a Perl module to check what OS we're running on.

A learned sage once wrote on IRC:

$^O is stupid and ugly, it wears its pants as a hat

Devel::CheckOS provides a more friendly interface to $^O, and also lets ...

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Thread::Apartment (Popularity: ) : Thread::Apartment is an apartment threading wrapper for Perl objects.


package MyClass;

use Thread::Apartment::Server;
use base qw(Thread::Apartment::Server);

sub new {
# the usual constructor
# mark some methods as simplex
sub get_simplex_methods {
return { 'bar' => 1 };
# mark some methods as urgent
sub get_urgent_methods {
return { 'bingo' => ...

Tk::StyledButton (Popularity: ) : Tk::StyledButton is a Perl module that provides a shaped button with stylized shading, using a Tk::Canvas object to implement the button rendering. The usual Tk::Button options and behaviors are preserved as much as possible.

When a button is rendered, 2 versions ...

DocSet (Popularity: ) : DocSet is a Perl module with documentation projects builder in HTML, PS and PDF formats.


docset_build [options] base_full_path relative_to_base_config_file_location


-h this help
-v verbose
-i podify pseudo-pod items (s/^* /=item */)
-s create the splitted html version (not implemented)
-t ...

django-timezones (Popularity: ) : django-timezones is a Django plugin for localizing datetimes for the user. Timezone handling can be a bit tricky so the goal is to get rid of the guessing game and provide a simple interface to localizing datetimes for your users.. ...
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