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important software information
company name:
Valery Kalesnik
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Perl
functional limitations:
Ed2k_link description

Ed2k_link is a Perl module for creation and work with eD2K links.


use Ed2k_link;

print Ed2k_link -> from_file('c:\temp\new_movie.mkv') -> link('h') . "

my $emule = Ed2k_link -> from_file('') or die 'something wrong with file!');

my $sources = Ed2k_link -> from_link('ed2k://|file||2868871|0F88EEFA9D8AD3F43DABAC9982D2450C|/') or die 'incorrect link!';

$sources -> from_link('ed2k://|file||5770302|195B6D8286BF184C3CC0665148D746CF|/') or die 'incorrect link!';

print $emule -> link('h') if $emule -> filesize equal($emule, $sources) {
print "files " . $emule -> filename . " and " . $sources -> filename . " are the same

print Ed2k_link -> from_file('/somethere/cool_file.txt') -> link('hp');

Ed2k_link module for generation eD2K links from files with correct hash, AICH hash and complete hashset fields. Also it can work with already created links (e. g. from textfile).. The CPAN Search Site - Publisher of Ed2k_link, Author of Ed2k_link 20090428. Ed2k_link is a Perl module for creation and work with eD2K links. SYNOPSIS use Ed2k_link; print Ed2k_link - from_file('c:tempew_movie.mkv') - link('h') . ; my $emule = Ed

Print - Filename - Links - Files - Module - Complete - Generation - Correct - Sources - Created - Emule - Hashset - Textfile - From File - Ed2k Link - Publisher Of Ed2k Link - Author Of Ed2k Link 20090428 - From Link - File Emule0 - Incorrect - Cool File - Somethere
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