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Karl Gustafsson
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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EntityFS description
EntityFS is the object-oriented file system API for Java!

EntityFS provides a set of abstractions and tools for working with file systems and their entities (files and directories) from Java.

Here are some key features of "EntityFS":

· File system entities are true entities in the object-oriented meaning of the word. A file system entity has a unique identity that separates it from other entities
· File system API:s are backend-independent. File systems can be created in RAM memory, on Zip files, on file system directories, etcetera
· Each file system have a configurable entity locking policy for protecting entities from conflicting concurrent updates from several program threads
· File systems and entities are Observable for updates
· Access controllers can be used for restricting access to entities
· File system functionality can be extended with Capabilities, such as the GZip compression capability – compress file data transparently using the GZip algorithm, or the Metadata capability – attach metadata to files and directories
· EntityFS provides a rich set of tools for working with files and directories. Tool methods range from those that make simple things simple, such as Files.readTextFile or Entities.copy, to those that make slightly more complicated thing simple, such as the IteratorCopier and the ZipCreator. . EntityFS, a rich file system API for Java
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EntityFS (Popularity: ) : EntityFS -- give your files identity! EntityFS is a object-oriented file system API, providing a large set of tools for working with file system entities (files and directories) from Java.
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