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Grub Next Generation upload server

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company name:
Bartek Jasicki
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
Grub Next Generation upload server description
Grub Next Generation is a distributed web crawling system (clients/servers) which helps to build and maintain free (as in freedom) index of the Web. This is the standalone, configurable upload server written in C# (Mono)

Search is part of the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet. And, it is currently broken.

Why is it broken? It is broken for the same reason that proprietary software is always broken: lack of freedom, lack of community, lack of accountability, lack of transparency. Here, we will start to change all that.

Grub started back in 2000 with a simple concept of distributing part of the search process pipeline: crawling. In a way, we were a bit ahead of our time, but our intention then was what it is now. We want to help fix search.

Now, with the help of Wikia, community members, contributers, and Open Source developers our time has come again. Come be part of something greater. Come help us change the World.. . Publisher of Grub Next Generation upload server, Author of Grub Next Generation upload server 0.8. Grub Next Generation is a distributed web crawling system (clientsservers) which helps to build and maintain free (as in freedom) index of the Web. This is the standalone, configurable uploa
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