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Steffen Muller
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Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation description
Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation is a Perl extension to the Math::Symbolic module. You're assumed to be remotely familiar with that module throughout the documentation.

This package implements transformations of Math::Symbolic trees using Math::Symbolic trees. I'll try to explain what this means in the following paragraphs.

Until now, in order to be able to inspect a Math::Symbolic tree, one had to use the low-level Math::Symbolic interface like comparing the top node's term type with a constant (such as T_OPERATOR) and then its operator type with more constants. This has changed with the release of Math::Symbolic::Custom::Pattern.

To modify the tree, you had to use equally low-level or even encapsulation-breaking methods. This is meant to be changed by this distribution.


use Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation;
my $trafo = Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation->new(
'TREE_x + TREE_x' => '2 * TREE_x'

my $modified = $trafo->apply($math_symbolic_tree);
if (defined $modified) {
print "Outermost operator is a sum of two identical trees.
print "Transformed it into a product. ($modified)
else {
print "Transformation could not be applied.

# shortcut: new_trafo
use Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation qw/new_trafo/;

# use the value() function to have the transformation compute the value
# of the expression after the replacements. simplify{} works similar.
my $another_trafo = new_trafo(
'TREE_foo / CONST_bar' => 'value{1/CONST_bar} * TREE_foo'

# If you'll need the same transformation but don't want to keep it around in
# an object, just do this:
use Memoize;
# Then, passing the same transformation strings will result in a speedup of
# about a factor 130 (on my machine) as compared to complete recreation
# from strings. This is only 20% slower than using an existing. .
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