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Stefan Palme
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
myAmavis description
myAmavis is a web frontend for amavisd-new.

Here are some key features of "myAmavis":

- multiple configuration policies per user possible, easy switching of used policy per recipient address.
- separate configuration settings for virus scanning, spam checking, banned files checking and bad header checks possible:

- completely enable/disable check
- enable/disable quarantining for matching mails
- quarantining to file-system or to another email-address
- admin notification when a mail matches
- enable/disable delivery of matching mails to final recipient
- enable/disable notification of final recipient when a matching mail has been hold in quarantine
- configuration of access extensions for final delivery of matching mails

- per user quarantine management (list files currently in quarantine, release and delete files from quarantine).
- hard and soft white-/black-listing of sender addresses (entries are managed per recipient address).
- small statistics module.
- webfrontend uses javascript/AJAX, so your browser must support this.
- online-help included in the web-frontend.


- Make sure you have enabled SQL storage and SQL lookup in your amavisd-new configuration. Currently the use of PostgreSQL as database backend is hardcoded into myAmavis, but this could be changed very easily. See below for a list of required amavisd-new settings to make myAmavis work as expected. And see below for instructions how to modify the SQL database so that it can be used with myAmavis.

- If you have users with more than one email address (e.g. and, and if you want to be able to distinguish between these email addresses (for instance for policy management, statistics etc.), you have to make sure your MTA does not rewrite recipient addresses before giving mail to amavis. When using postfix, this means, you have to use a modified version of the cleanup service for the before-filter-SMTP daemon and for the pickup service. See amavis documentation for details on this.

- Make sure you have a webserver with PHP support. PHP needs support for PostgreSQL.

- Put the contents of the "htdocs" directory anywhere below your webroot (e.g. into /var/www/localhost/htdocs/myAmavis).

- Modify the file ".htaccess" according to your needs. The version included with this archive authenticates users against an IMAP server running on the same machine, but you may change this if you want to (this configuration requires apache module mod_auth_imap, which is not part of a standard apache installation).

Please be aware, that you MUST use Basic Authentication to access myAmavis, because myAmavis uses the supplied username to determine "your" email addresses and configuration policies.

- Modify the content of "config.php" according to your database setup.

- Store the files from the "scripts" directory into /usr/local/sbin (path currently hardcoded into myAmavis). Modify those scripts according to your environment (maybe you have to change some paths - they are very very short and easy.

- Add the two lines from the file install/sudoers_addon to your sudo configuration. Maybe you have to modify them a little bit (e.g. name of the user running apache and/or some paths).. .
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