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Object::Exercise description
Object::Exercise is a Perl module that exports a single subroutine, $exercise, which functions as an OO execution loop (see '-n' for changing the installed name).

$execute is a subroutine reference that takes an object and set of operations. The first element in that list is an object of the class being tested. The remaining elements are a list of operations, each of which is an array reference.

Each operation consists of a method call and the method's arguments. Each method call is dispatched using the object, optionally comparing the return value to some pre-defined result.

Exceptions are trapped and logged. The last operation can be re-executed if it fails.

All operations are passed in as arrayrefs. They can be nested either to store a return value and test to run, or to hold a list consisting of a method name and its arguments.


use Object::Exercise;

my @operationz =
[ method arg arg arg ... ] # method and arguments
[ 1 ], # expected value

qw( method arg arg arg ) # just check for $@

[ qw( method expected to fail ) ] # continue on failure

[ $coderef, @argz ], # $obj->$coderef( @argz )
[ ( 1 .. 10 ) ], # expected value
'Coderef returns list' # hardwired message

# You can push the operations through an class:

$exercise->( 'YourClass', @test_opz ); # YourClass->method( @argz )

# or an object:

my $object = YourClass->new( @whatever );. The CPAN Search Site -
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