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Adam Kennedy
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PITA::Scheme description

The PITA::Scheme objects live inside the image and does three main tasks:While most of the PITA system exists outside the guest testing images and tries to have as little interaction with them as possible, there is one part that needs to be run from inside it.

The PITA::Scheme objects live inside the image and does three main tasks:

1. Unpack the package and prepare the testing environment

2. Run the sequence of commands to execute the tests and capture the results.

3. Package the results as a PITA::XML::Report and send it to the PITA::Host::ResultServer.

This functionality is implemented in a module structure that is highly subclassable. In this way, PITA can support multiple different testing schemes for multiple different languages and installer types.


# Have the scheme load up from the provided config
my $scheme = PITA::Scheme->new(. . Adam Kennedy

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