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company name:
Didier Stevens
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
SpiderMonkey description

SpiderMonkey is a modified version of Mozilla’s C implementation of javascript, with some extra functions to help with malware analysis.

Additional functionality:. SpiderMonkey « Didier Stevens. Publisher of SpiderMonkey, Author of SpiderMonkey 1.7.0. SpiderMonkey is a modified version of Mozilla’s C implementation of javascript, with some extra functions to help with malware analysis. Additional functionality: * document.write * e

Analysis - Window - Version - Malware - Document - Functions - Write - Navigate - Modified - Functionality - Extra - Additional - Writes - Implementation - Vascript - Spidermonkey - Publisher Of Spidermonkey - Author Of Spidermonkey 1 7 0 - A64b079faefd6ba23cac3fcc7ef41ac7 - Mozilla S
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Block rules are created by logging on with an invalid user name, or wrongly guessing the password for ...

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Flusspferd (Popularity: ) : Javascript bindings for C++, a Javascript interpreter/shell & Javascript/C++ module system. It includes a few Javascript classes and modules. It supports easy embedding of Javascript in C++ and vice versa. The currently supported engine is Spidermonkey.
GLUEscript (Popularity: ) : GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript) creates a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language. GLUEscript uses SpiderMonkey and is the successor of wxJavaScript.
Snow Monkey (Popularity: ) : SnowMonkey is a binding library between C++ and SpiderMonkey (Mozilla's implementation of JavaScript engine). The goal of this project is to create library which will take advantage of boost libraries in order to hide as many binding details as possible
SSAFX (Popularity: ) : Server Side Application FrameworX; provides C++ support for threads, serialization, process control, simple XML and database, sockets, javascript (spidermonkey), simple and advanced plugins, I/O and file/directory management, console and other utilities
JavaScript MUD Kernel (Popularity: ) : JavaScript MUD Kernel which allows developers to build MUDs using JavaScript and SQL. Based on SQLite and SpiderMonkey, jsmud provides the core networking, timer, and main loop functions necessary to implement a MUD in JavaScript.
Javascript Everywhere (Popularity: ) : Making Mozilla Spidermonkey usable from the Shell or in CGI-Scripts, or...

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downloads 8
version 1.7.0
size in Kb 870
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