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Barrie Slaymaker
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Test::Verbose description
Given a list of test scripts, source file names, directories and/or package names, attempts to find and execute the appropriate test scripts.

This (via the associated tv command) is useful when developing code or test scripts: just map "tv %" to a key in your editor and press it frequently (where "%" is your editor's macro for "the file being edited).

Before doing anything, theTest::Verbose module identifies the working directory for the project by scanning the current directory and it's ancestors, stopping at the first directory that contains a "t" directory.

If an explicitly named item (other than POD files) cannot be tested, an exception is thrown.


# from the command line. man tv for more details.
$ tv lib/ # test this module
$ tv t/*.t # run these tests

# from a module
use Test::Verbose qw( test_verbose );
test_verbose( @module_and_test_script_filenames );

For more control, you can use the object oriented interface.. Barrie Slaymaker - Publisher of Test::Verbose, Author of Test::Verbose 0.01. Given a list of test scripts, source file names, directories andor package names, attempts to find and execute the appropriate test scripts. This (via the associated tv command) is useful wh
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Test::Base (Popularity: ) : Test::Base is a data driven testing framework.


A new test module:

# lib/MyProject/
package MyProject::Test;
use Test::Base -Base;

use MyProject;

package MyProject::Test::Filter;
use Test::Base::Filter -base;

sub my_filter {
return MyProject->do_something(shift);

A sample test:

# t/sample.t
use MyProject::Test;

plan tests => 1 ...

Test::GlassBox::Heavy (Popularity: ) : If you have a Perl program to test, one approach is to run the program with various command line options and environment settings and observe the output. This might be called black box testing because you're treating the program as ...
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The project is used to analyze the output of the scripts and present it to the user in ...

django-test-extensions (Popularity: ) : django-test-extensions is a Django plugin with a few classes to make testing Django applications easier.. . Morethanseven is the website of Gareth Rushgrove, a web designer/developer (amongst other things) living in Cambridge, UK
Guiffy SureMerge Linux (Popularity: ) : Guiffy SureMerge is a visual file compare Diff tool, Merge tool, and Folder compare tool all-in-one that makes comparing, merging, and upgrading sources as easy and reliable as possible. Guiffy's software comes with: command line interfaces, an API package, Eclipse ...
zfuncs (Popularity: ) : The zfuncs package contains various utility programs that were used in building the other applications on the website. These programs are also included with the other applications. This package includes documentation that will make it easier to use these ...
Benchmark::Harness (Popularity: ) : Benchmark::Harness is a Perl module used to test Perl applications.


Benchmark::Harness will invoke subroutines at specific, parametizable points during the execution of your Perl program. These subroutines may be standard Benchmark::Harness tracing routines, or routines composed by you. The setup involves ...

Bunch for Linux (Popularity: ) : Bunch is a dictionary which supports attribute-style access, a la javascript.

>>> b = Bunch()
>>> b.hello = 'world'
>>> b.hello
>>> b['hello'] += "!"
>>> b.hello
>>> = Bunch(lol=True)
>>> is b['foo']

Dictionary Methods

A Bunch is a subclass of dict; it supports all the ...

Business::iDEAL::Adyen (Popularity: ) : Business::iDEAL::Adyen is a Perl module that provides a backend to process iDEAL payments through (the non-HPP (Hosted Payment Pages) way).

A word of warning to start with (copied verbatim out of Adyen's iDEAL PDF):

iDeal API Payments are not enabled by ...

Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet (Popularity: ) : Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet is a Perl module that implements the interface documented at


use Business::OnlinePayment;

my $tx = new Business::OnlinePayment("VirtualNet",
'merchant_id' => '999999999911',
'store' => '0011',
'terminal' => '9911',
'mcc' => '5999', #merchant category code
'bin' => '999995', #acquirer BIN (Bank ...

Tornado (Popularity: ) : Tornado project is a clone of the original C64 game.

The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent's house with certain weather phenomena: rain, snow, hail, lightning, and the tornado.

The game can be played together (two players), against the ...

Text::TermExtract (Popularity: ) : Text::TermExtract is a Perl module to extract terms from text.


use Text::TermExtract;

my $text = { Hey, hey, how's it going? Wanna go to Wendy's
tonight? Wendy's has great sandwiches." };

my $ext = Text::TermExtract->new();

for my $word ( $ext->terms_extract( ...

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