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Tie::Array::QueueExpire for Linux

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company name:
Dulaunoy Fabrice
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Perl
functional limitations:
Tie::Array::QueueExpire for Linux description
Tie::Array::QueueExpire is a Perl module that requires Time::HiRes, TokyoCabinet (database and perl module.) The insertion is ms unique ( 0.001 seconds ).

The normal ARRAY function present are

unshift (but put data 1 second before the first entry)

The following function is not completely iplemented.


The following function are not implemented.


The following function are specific of this module.



use Tie::Array::QueueExpire;
my $t = tie( my @myarray, "Tie::Array::QueueExpire", '/tmp/db_test.bdb' );
push @myarray, int rand 1000;

# normal ARRAY function
my $data = shift @myarray;
my $data = pop @myarray;
print "this elem exists
" if (exists( $myarray[6]));
print "size = ". scalar( @myarray )."

# using the PUSH with an extra parameter to put the new element in futur
# also return the key of the inserted value
for ( 1 .. 10 )
say "t=".time.' '. int (($t->PUSH( $_ . ' ' . time, 10 ))/1000);
sleep 1;
sleep 10;
# Get the expired elements ( 7 seconds before now )
my $ex = $t->EXPIRE( 7 );

# Get the expired elements
my @EXP = @{$t->EXPIRE($exp)};
# Get and delete the expired elements ( 20 seconds before now )
$ex = $t->EXPIRE(20,1);
my @EXP = @{$t->EXPIRE($exp,1)};

# fetch element
# in scalar context return the value
# in array context return in first element the key and in second, the value
my $a =$t->FETCH(6);
my @b = $t->FETCH(6);
# the normal array fetch is always in scalar mode
my @c=$myarray[6];
say Dumper( $a );
say Dumper( @b );
say Dumper( @c );. The CPAN Search Site - Publisher of Tie::Array::QueueExpire for Linux, Author of Tie::Array::QueueExpire for Linux 1.01. Tie::Array::QueueExpire is a Perl module that requires Time::HiRes, TokyoCabinet (database and perl module.) The insertion is ms unique ( 0.001 seconds ). The normal ARRAY function present a
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