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David Muir Sharnoff
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Time::CTime description
Time::CTime is a Perl module with format times ala POSIX asctime.


use Time::CTime
print ctime(time);
print asctime(localtime(time));
print strftime(template, localtime(time));

strftime conversions

%a day of the week abbr
%A day of the week
%b month abbr
%B month
%c ctime format: Sat Nov 19 21:05:57 1994
%d DD
%e numeric day of the month
%f floating point seconds (milliseconds): .314
%F floating point seconds (microseconds): .314159
%h month abbr
%H hour, 24 hour clock, leading 0's)
%I hour, 12 hour clock, leading 0's)
%j day of the year
%k hour
%l hour, 12 hour clock
%m month number, starting with 1
%M minute, leading 0's
%o ornate day of month -- "1st", "2nd", "25th", etc.
%p AM or PM
%r time format: 09:05:57 PM
%R time format: 21:05
%S seconds, leading 0's
%t TAB
%T time format: 21:05:57
%U week number, Sunday as first day of week
%w day of the week, numerically, Sunday == 0
%W week number, Monday as first day of week
%x date format: 11/19/94
%X time format: 21:05:57
%y year (2 digits)
%Y year (4 digits)
%Z timezone in ascii. eg: PST

This module provides routines to format dates. They correspond to the libc routines. &strftime() supports a pretty good set of coversions -- more than most C libraries.

strftime supports a pretty good set of conversions.

The POSIX module has very similar functionality. You should consider using it instead if you do not have allergic reactions to system libraries.. . Publisher of Time::CTime, Author of Time::CTime 2006.0814. Time::CTime is a Perl module with format times ala POSIX asctime. SYNOPSIS use Time::CTime print ctime(time); print asctime(localtime(time)); print strftime(template, localtime(time)); strft
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