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Lorenz Domke
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Tk::VisualBrowser description
Tk::VisualBrowser is a Perl module that displays a matrix of (-rows) x (-cols) Labels with thumbnail images. It can be used, for example, to create a visual directory browser for image directories or an interactive program for sorting images (

The application program must provide a reference to a list of image filenames and a handler which returns the filename of a corresponding thumbnail GIF image for a given image filename. Tk::VisualBrowser displays the thumbnail pictures and provides some navigation buttons for scrolling linewise or pagewise through the list. A scrollbar is also attached to the widget.

It is possible to select thumbnails with the left moust button or to select ranges of thumbnails with shift-click (as you would select files in normal file browser). Ctrl-click allows adding or removing single thumbnails from a selection.

The selected thumbnails may be moved around with the left mouse button. The cursor image changes and all thumbnails which are currently under the mouse will be highlighted while moving around. Releasing the mouse button inserts the selected thumbnails before the current position.

When moving around, an automatic scroll up or down is triggered when the mouse comes close to the upper or lower margin of the VisualBrowser. But only one linewise scroll is triggered at a time (in order to avoid the scrollbar from running away). Try going back and forth with the mouse to trigger further scrolls as needed.


use Tk;
use Tk::VisualBrowser;

my $top = MainWindow->new();

my $vsb = $top->VisualBrowser;

my @PICTURES = qw( f1.jpg f2.jpg f3.gif);

-rows => 5, -cols => 6,
-pictures => @PICTURES,
-thumbnail => &thumbnail_handler,
-special_color => &special_color_handler,
-b1_handler => &my_b1_handler,
-b2_handler => &my_b2_handler,
-b3_handler => &my_b3_handler,
-double_b1_handler => &my_bdouble_1_handler,
-double_b2_handler => &my_bdouble_2_handler,
-double_b3_handler => &my_bdouble_3_handler,

$vsb->scroll(0); # scroll to first picture
# this will implicitely load the pictures. The CPAN Search Site - Publisher of Tk::VisualBrowser, Author of Tk::VisualBrowser 0.14. Tk::VisualBrowser is a Perl module that displays a matrix of (-rows) x (-cols) Labels with thumbnail images. It can be used, for example, to create a visual directory browser for image direc
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