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YAML::Old description
YAML::Old is the old YAML Perl module. The old that was on CPAN from the beginning of 2002 to the end of 2008. has been made into an interface only module.

For almost all of your old code you don't need to change anything. This still works:

use YAML;
my $clone = Load Dump $object;

The difference is that now (the new) will search for the best YAML implementation module available on your system. See YAML::Any. If you really need the behavior of the old, do this:

use YAML::Old;
my $clone = Load Dump $object;

or this:

use YAML -Old;
my $clone = Load Dump $object;

The rest of this documentation has largely been left alone. I changed to YAML::Old. Later I'll revamp it in more detail.


use YAML::Old;

# Load a YAML stream of 3 YAML documents into Perl data structures.
my ($hashref, $arrayref, $string) = Load(< < '...');
name: ingy
age: old
weight: heavy
# I should comment that I also like pink, but don't tell anybody.
favorite colors:
- red
- green
- blue
- Clark Evans
- Oren Ben-Kiki
- Ingy dot Net
--- >
You probably think YAML stands for "Yet Another Markup Language". It
ain't! YAML is really a data serialization language. But if you want
to think of it as a markup, that's OK with me. A lot of people try
to use XML as a serialization format.

"YAML" is catchy and fun to say. Try it. "YAML, YAML, YAML!!!"

# Dump the Perl data structures back into YAML.
print Dump($string, $arrayref, $hashref);

# YAML::Old::Dump is used the same way you'd use Data::Dumper::Dumper
use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper($string, $arrayref, $hashref);. .
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