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Oliver Gorwits
license: Freeware
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YATG description

YATG is a Perl module which is intended to be run persistently. At intervals it will wake up and poll network devices for SNMP data, and then store or print that data. In this distribution are also included examples for presenting simple CGI web pages with graphs.

YATG is flexible, efficient and powerful. It can poll a large number of devices with thousands of ports in just a few seconds. The configuration is very simple, and the defaults sane (it's designed for sysadmins, after all).

You can use YATG both for historical logging, such as traffic counters on ports, as well as short-term monitoring which might feed into, say, Nagios. Wherever possible, data is translated to human-friendly formats for storage, such as using Leaf Names instead of OIDs, translated values (up, down, etc) and device port names rather than SNMP Interface Indexes.

How Does It Work?

At startup, yatg_updater loads its configuration from local files and a database, performs some basic SNMP connections to build a cache about device capabilities and so on, and then goes to sleep.

Periodically, as determined by the configuration, yatg_updater wakes up and polls all devices, then stores results, again according to instructions in the configuration.

If you have only the essential dependencies installed (see below) then you can only output results to STDOUT. With other modules, you have more options such as local or remote disk, or memcached based storage.

yatg_updater will re-load all its configuration if given a HUP signal. If you run the daemon persistently (for example with daemontools) then a cron job once a day is a good way to refresh the configuration. There is reference to this in one of the bundled example files.. .

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