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zfuncs description
The zfuncs package contains various utility programs that were used in building the other applications on the website. These programs are also included with the other applications. This package includes documentation that will make it easier to use these programs for other projects. A menu-driven test program for most of the utilities is also included.


MatchWild compare strings with multiple wildcards (* and ?)
SearchWild search for files matching pathname with wildcards anywhere
convDS convert double to string with most compact format
quick math faster versions of some math funcs (reduced precision, range)
bsearch binary search function
HeapSort heapsort with callback to compare recs, allowing weird sorts
GTK menus build GTK menus and toolbars with simple functions
zlock use GTK in threads more easily and safely
wprintf printf() interface to scrolling windows, variable font
zdialog build basic GTK dialogs with simple functions
pixbuf_rotate rotate a GDK pixbuf through any angle (e.g. 23.4 degrees)
thumbnails create window of thumbnail images, navigate, select with mouse
HashTab hash table C++ class (fast string store and search)
Queue queue C++ class (push, pop newest, pop oldest) (thread safe)
Tree C++ class, put/get data by string/number index (sparse array). Linux Software - overview - kornelix. kornelix linux software dkop fotox ukop picpuz
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