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Andras Salamon
license: Freeware
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zsu description
zsu is a Perl module that expects one or more zonefile names as arguments. The command zsu /etc/db.local /var/named/ will update the serial numbers in each of the three zone files listed.

zsu is most commonly used as part of a revision control system for zone files, just before changes are committed to a repository. The following simple script demonstrates this. The script expects a single zonefile name as an argument, and relies on ci/co/rcsdiff (all parts of RCS, from ):

co -l $1
vi $1
rcsdiff -q $1 > /dev/null
if [ ! $? ]; then
zsu -cf $1
ci -u $1

zsu will ignore zone files where the originating host in the SOA record does not match the local hostname. Use the -f option to override this check.

SYNOPSIS. . Home Page of Andras Salamon
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