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company name:
J. Pellegrini
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: The Boost Libraries
functional limitations:
Apso description
Apso project is a framework for adding secrecy to version control systems. Usually, version control systems support transfer of encrypted data between clients and the server (in centralized systems) or between clients (in distributed systems).

This, however, does not help one who needs to store his versioned content in a potentially hostile host. Apso makes this possible by creating encrypted versions of version control repositories.

Here are some key features of "Apso":

? Documentation with explanation of concepts, examples of usage and internals overview;
? Written in C++;
? Repositories are encrypted, so the host administrator can do his job without having access to the data;
? Easy to setup and use;
? Access control uses a (configurable) GPG-like PKI;
? Can be configured to use different cryptographic algorithms;
? Only depends on boost (and of course on the version control client and a cryptographic library);
? Distributed version control systems may be added as plugins;
? Cryptographic engines may be added as plugins;
? User interfaces may be added as plugins;
? A friendly developer.. .
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