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Adam Gleave
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Arri description
Arri is an array API - more commonly known as a buffer API. Arri provides an interface to create, write, copy, duplicate, delete, append and free awways.

It does more than that, though. Arri contains a string API, to handle character strings, an IO API, to handle IO, and a UNIX sockets, to handle... sockets. They all use Arri's array API.

By abstracting all accessing to arrays Arri can eliminate buffer overflows - provided Arri itself is secure, of course. Arri is useful in other respects, however. It provides some high(ish) level functions for C - such as insertion and deletion of data, loops to write n bytes - that although relatively easily implemented without it are still very convenient.

Arri hopes to make C more secure while still maintaining it's advantages - such as high speed. Just as important, Arri also trys to make C *FUN* and easy. The easier it is to program something correctly, the less likely it will be done wrong!

Arri is freely available and it is distributed under the BSD license.. .
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