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Astaro Security Linux

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Astaro Corporation
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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Astaro Security Linux description

Astaro Security Linux is an award-winning, unique network security solution in an integrated and easy-to-use and manage package. Astaro Security Linux includes a combination of the following security applications:

- A Firewall with stateful packet inspection and application proxies guards Internet communications traffic in and out of the organization.

- A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway assures secure communications with remote offices, road warriors and telecommuters.

- Anti-Virus defends computers from both email and web-bourne viruses.

- Intrusion Protection detects and stops hostile probes and application-based attacks.

- Spam Filtering eliminates the productivity drain of opening and deleting unsolicited emails.

- Surf Protection (Content Filtering) and Spyware Protection improve productivity by blocking inappropriate web activities, provide full protection from user tracking threats and violation of privacy.

Here are some key features of \\\\\\\"Astaro Security Linux\\\\\\\":

· Protects all types of networks Windows, Linux, Unix and others.
· Delivers comprehensive features at low cost maximizing your ROI (return on investment).
· Highly effective. Has won numerous industry awards. Beat Cisco and Checkpoint in InfoWorld magazine product review, Beat IBM and Computer Associates in Linux World for Best Security Application.
· Integrated management platform features an intuitive browser-based interface and one-step updates for rapid deployment and easy management.
· Can be installed in under 15 minutes or purchased pre-installed on security appliances.
· Can start with firewall, VPN and spam protection and add other security applications as needed, seamlessly.
· Runs as a dedicated application server on top of a hardened operating system, which relieves operating system management headaches.
· Runs on systems ranging from small devices up to large multi-processor systems utilizing gigabytes of memory.
· Redundant systems can be configured to provide high availability and automatic failover in case of hardware or network failures.
· Load balancing improves performance - traffic shaping can set priorities by network, service and protocol.
· Logging, automatic backup, and diagnostic tools support high reliability.
· Free online evaluation workshop to get you started.
Update 7.404(Patch): . Astaro Security Gateway provides all-in-one Unified Threat Management for complete network, mail and web security.

Management - Firewall - Antispam - Solutions - Intrusion Prevention - Vpn - Bandwidth Management - Unified - Threat - All-in-one - Malware Detection - Application Control - Url Filtering - Featuring - Antivirus And Email Encryption
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