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company name:
Point Clark Networks
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
ClarkConnect description

ClarkConnect is a powerful yet easy-to-use software package that transforms off-the-shelf server hardware into a dedicated Internet firewall, gateway or server.

ClarkConnect is a great solution for schools, businesses, organizations, and home offices.

ClarkConnect transforms standard PC hardware into either:

- a dedicated firewall/gateway for your network, or
- a standalone server on your local network

The award-winning Linux-based solution includes firewall and security tools, along with file, print, web, e-mail, proxy, antivirus, antispam, content filtering, VPN servers and more. A detailed feature list is shown in the sidebar below.

Easy to Install and Manage

The software is easy to install on off-the-shelf hardware ... you can be up and running in minutes.

- purchase a CD, or download burn your own
- insert the CD into the server system
- start the server from the CD
- follow the installation wizard

Once you have your ClarkConnect system up and running, you can configure the server/gateway with an easy-to-use web-based administration tool.

Integrated Updates and Managed Services

- ClarkConnect includes integrated Gateway Services (GS). to update, manage and monitor your system.

- 24/7 port and resource monitoring
- DNS services, including dynamic DNS
- antivirus protection
- antispam tools
- content filter updates
- managed/dynamic VPN
- daily security audits
- intrusion detection updates
- e-mail/MX backup

Different Needs... Different Solutions

We offer three different editions of the ClarkConnect software. Each edition solves different needs.

Professional Edition - Firewall and Gateway

The Professional Edition is a firewall solution that protects your network from the constant hazards lurking on the Internet. The software includes a stateful firewall, antispam protection, antivirus protection, content filtering, managed VPN, intrusion prevention, and more.

Office Edition - All-in-One Gateway/Server

The Office Edition includes not only the core security features found in the Professional Edition, but also server features: file server, print server, web server, advanced mail server, and database server.

Home Edition - Home and Hobbyist Solution

The Home Edition is designed for home use -- we include extras such as MP3 support, online photo albums and computer security model appropriate for a home environment.

Here are some key features of "ClarkConnect":

· IPsec VPN
· Managed/Dynamic VPN
· 1-to-1 NAT support
· DMZ support
· Stateful Firewall
· Intrusion detection
· Intrusion prevention
· Antispam
· Antivirus (license req.)
· SMTP authentication
· SMTP gateway
· SMTP server
· POP and IMAP servers
· Webmail
· Banner ad blocking
· Web proxy
· Content filtering
· Bandwidth manager
· DSL (including PPPoE)
· Cable Modem
· 802.11b Wireless
· Internal DHCP server
· Caching DNS server
· Hardware and Software RAID
· multi-processor support
· Web-based configuration
· Optional Webmin package
· Apache web server
· Support for CGI and PHP
· Secure/SSL support
· FTP server
· Windows file server
· AppleShare file server
· Print server support
· Printer sharing
· MySQL Database. ClarkConnect becomes ClearOS - ClearSDN services and ClearCARE support available - Linux Small Business Server SBS. Publisher of ClarkConnect, Author of ClarkConnect 5.0. ClarkConnect is a powerful yet easy-to-use software package that transforms off-the-shelf server hardware into a dedicated Internet firewall, gateway or server. ClarkConnect is a great solut

Protection - Software - Server - Network - System - Firewall - Security - Hardware - Antispam - Professional - Support - Solution - Filtering - Gateway - Content - Edition - Features - Based - Includes - Clarkconnect - Publisher Of Clarkconnect - Author Of Clarkconnect 5 0
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