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company name:
Jrg Strehlau
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
jsfirewall description

jsfirewall increases the safety for the desktop PC with one network card.

The program is quickly administrated and it is easy to generate an iptables based firewall script.

It has no ROUTER function, but is a personal firewall and it is developed for use behind a router or for direct connections like ppp over ethernet.

jsfirewall uses the program "dialog", you can use it either on the X server or on the console.
Advanced features are built in and you can save or view logging files, tuning the logging and the kernel parameters, save and load, or delete, generated firewall templates.

There is optional support for an additional portrange as the default and you can give one command owner for every chosen port.. jsfirewall - Willkommen bei jsfirewall!.

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