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Joe Innes
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: PSAD
functional limitations:
KPSAD description
KPSAD is a simple shell script to report PSAD alerts via KDE. The project supports simple whitelisting.

Ok, this is important. To stop KPSAD annoying you, create a whitelist file!!! The whitelist file is named ".whitelist" in the same directory as the program itself.

After the whitelist is created, then you're almost ready to go. Open up the program in your favourite text editor. At the bottom of the script, there's a section where you can add a mail client. This is optional, but allows you to run this almost transparently to PSAD


Get PSAD, then edit the config file, so it points at the KPSAD program as the "mailCmd"

In future, I will write a script that will install this automatically, and generate whitelists, and allow you to add a new probe to the whitelist or black list, etc. In the meantime though, here you go.

There is a sample whitelist file in this directory. It's probably invisible to you, because it's named .whitelist.. Applications for your KDE-Desktop - Applications for your KDE-Desktop - Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Printing Education Games Development Administration Scientific Security Utilities Screensaver News Forum GUI Polls Links Downloads QT Look X11 Linux
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