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The OpenOces Development Team
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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OpenSign description
OpenSign is a java applet for signing text in a webbrowser using PKCS-12 key-files or keys accessible through Microsoft CryptoAPI CSPs in a Win32 environment.

The applet is based on code kindly provided by IT-Practice and everyone is encouraged to submit code, suggestions or bugfixes through the mailinglists. OpenSign is a FREE software and it is licensed under the GNU LGPL licence.

OpenSign is a client side applet which generates xmldsig signatures. It is NOT in the scope of this project to develop a serverside validation service for the signatures.

OpenSign also has an option to work as a logon in the application layer. In this case OpenSign is referred as OpenLogon.. .
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OpenSign (Popularity: ) : OpenSign is a collection of Java applets providing client-side digital signing functionality using x.509 certificates. It currently consists of two applets, one for signing plain ASCII text and another providing login functionality. OpenSign provides the following features: - digital signing ...
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