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Sourcefire, Inc.
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Python
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Snort description

Snort project is a "lightweight" intrusion detection technology in comparison to commercially available systems.

Snort really isn't very hard to use, but there are a lot of command line options to play with, and it's not always obvious which ones go together well. This file aims to make using Snort easier for new users.

Snort can be configured to run in four modes:

- Sniffer mode, which simply reads the packets off of the network and displays them for you in a continuous stream on the console (screen).
- Packet Logger mode, which logs the packets to disk.
- Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) mode, the most complex and configurable configuration, which allows Snort to analyze network traffic for matches against a user-defined rule set and performs several actions based upon what it sees.
- Inline Mode, which obtains packets from iptables instead of from libpcap and then causes iptables to drop or pass packets based on Snort rules that use inline-specific rule types.. . Publisher of Snort, Author of Snort Snort project is a lightweight intrusion detection technology in comparison to commercially available systems. Snort really isn't very hard to use, but there are a lot of command line o

Network - System - Configuration - Logger - Traffic - Allows - Analyze - Intrusion - Detection - Packets - Complex - Configurable - Based - Instead - Types - Snort - Against - Which - Publisher Of Snort - Author Of Snort 2 8 5 1 - Iptables
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Snort Config (Popularity: ) : Snort Config provides an intuitive menu-based interface for the GPL IDS tool Snort.

SnortConf is a tool that provides a fairly intuitive menu-based text interface for setting up the GPL IDS tool Snort. It also provides error and sanity checking on ...

SnortSMS (Popularity: ) : SnortSMS is a highly configurable sensor management system that provides the ability to remotely administer Snort [and Barnyard] based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), push configuration files, add/edit rules, and monitor system health and statistics, all from a simple and clean ...
Snort2PF (Popularity: ) : Snort2Pf can help you to turn your local Snort installation easily into an "intrusion detection and prevention system", rather than simply using it for post-mortem analysis. Such a system also blocks the recognized violations.. . Publisher of Snort2PF, Author of ...
Mudpit (Popularity: ) : Mudpit is an intelligent, modular, and reliable spool processor for Snort's unified format.. .
IPS HLBR (Popularity: ) : IPS HLBR program is a fork of the Hogwash project. It is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that can filter packets directly in layer 2 of the OSI model (so the machine doesn't need an IP address).

Detection of malicious/anomalous traffic ...

Secure FTP Bean (Popularity: ) : Secure FTP Bean allows FTP connections to be made over SSL.

Secure FTP Bean is a Java library that allows a developer to incorporate Glub Tech's secure FTP technology in any Java application.

We've had many requests to release a product that ...

StoneVPN (Popularity: ) : StoneVPN is an application that makes it easy to create certificates and configuration files for use with an OpenVPN server for both Linux and Windows users.


- run 'python install' as root
- copy /usr/share/StoneVPN/example/stonevpn.conf to /etc
- Make the necessary adjustments ...

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Snort Log Monitor and Ticketing System (Popularity: ) : Snort Log Monitor and Ticketing System, a PHP based log monitoring and ticketing system for Snort IDS logging to a mySQL database.
IDS Report Generator (Popularity: ) : IDSRG stands for Intrusion Detection System Report Generator. It generates graphic reports from a snort database of alerts.The main goal of the project IDS Report Generator is to provide instant reports of your ids events. It has 7 predefined reports ...
Php-Logging-System (Popularity: ) : Php-Loging-System is a front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages and snort alerts logged to MySQL in real-time, with Apache, Bash, and Squid detailed searching and analysis.Features of Php-Logging-System:- Centralized log storage system- Periodic log rotation- Periodic log backup/archives- Fast and easy ...
The Ungoliant network filter (Popularity: ) : The Ungoliant network filter is a system utilizing open-sourced backends to isolate problematic (virus-infected or otherwise) hosts from a network.Focuses on vpmsd, snort, and nmap for detection and containment.
snortfocus (snort intrusion focus) (Popularity: ) : snortfocus is a snort intrusion focus that let's you better control the attacks to unlimited numbers of systems.It uses an extended snort mysql sheme with system-groups and user-groups and contains an alerting function.All written in php.
MIDAS Network Monitoring Server (Popularity: ) : MIDAS is a cross platform Monitoring and NIDS server. The goal of this project is to build a robust and complete network/system monitoring suite that is capable of scaling to very large networks. / MIDAS Features: / * Fully centralized ...
Firestorm (Popularity: ) : Firestorm is an extremely high performance network intrusion detection system (NIDS). It is fully pluggable and hence extremely flexible. A Network Intrusion Detection System is a system which can identify suspicious patterns in network traffic. If a firewall is a ...
REMARK 0.2a (Popularity: ) : REMARK is a unified security package that allows for administration of: snort, firewalls, attackers, hosts, bandwidth, proxies.
OSSIM - AlienVault Open Source SIEM (Popularity: ) : OSSIM stands for Open Source Security Information Management. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive compilation of tools which, when working together, grant network/security administrators with a detailed view over each and every aspect of his or her networks, hosts, ...
OpenAanval Console (Popularity: ) : OpenAanval - The Open Source version of the Commercial Aanval Console - A full featured advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Console for Snort.Real-time LIVE event monitoring, comprehensive statistics, multi-user, email / audio alerting, IP marking.

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