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company name:
Henning Bekel
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
bashrun description

Bashrun is a simple application launcher for X11. It runs a bash session within a small xterm window, thus conveniently providing all the common bash features like readline, tab completion, and history.

Optionally, in combination with xdotool, the terminal is kept running in the background, reducing startup time and saving system resources. A number of other common XTerminals like urxvt or mrxvt are also supported.. Bashrun - X11 application launcher based on bash. X11 application launcher based on bash, providing features like tab-completion, history, aliases, regexp based command rewriting, and more.

History - Linux - Application Launcher - Regular Expression - Regexp - Aliases - Completion - X11 - Run Dialog - Minimal - Run Program - Bash - Handlers
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Similar scripts
Bashrun (Popularity: ) : It runs a modified bash session in a small terminal window.

The window can be resized to a single line. Key features "Bashrun":

Regexp based command line rewriting
Terminal rules
What's New in This Release:

Bugfix: history wasn't properly ...


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