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COllaborative DEvelopment SHell

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company name:
Dimitri Bourilkov
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
COllaborative DEvelopment SHell description
COllaborative DEvelopment SHell is a project that provides an automatic persistent logbook for sessions of personal command line work by recording what and how is being done, for private use/reuse and for sharing selected parts with collaborators.

COllaborative DEvelopment SHell is an intelligent shell that automatically logs a user's command line (shell) session: commands, scripts executed, output produced, changes to environment variables, alias creation, and other information needed to recr

Sessions are uniquely tagged and stored in local or distributed backend repositories and can be extracted and reproduced at any time by the user who created the session or by collaborators located anywhere in the world.. . Publisher of COllaborative DEvelopment SHell, Author of COllaborative DEvelopment SHell 1.4.1. COllaborative DEvelopment SHell is a project that provides an automatic persistent logbook for sessions of personal command line work by recording what and how is being done, for private use
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