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DeBox description
DeBox is a window manager that tries to offer a free new way to make a desktop on Debian-based operating systems, such as Ubuntu.

It includes:

- Avant Window Navigator
- Openbox
- PcMan File Manager

The basic file is the /usr/bin/DeBoX that handle every aspect of this desktop. So once you install it you have a dock that you can put every application that you need (just go to /usr/share/applications and then drag and drop the application in your dock) a task bar, a monitoring system and a desktop based to the pcmanfm.
If you chose the logout awn applet remember to put the line “pkill -u < your username here >” at the preferences menu (right click on the icon).. DeBox download - DeBox 1.3.1. DeBox 1.3.1 download - DeBox desktop enviroment.
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