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company name:
NCHC Free Software Labs
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
functional limitations:
DRBL description

Diskless Remote Boot in Linux in short DRBL is an open source environment to to manage GNU/Linux operating system deployment. Imagine the time required to install GNU/Linux on 40, 30, or even 10 client machines individually. DRBL will allow you to configure all of your client computers by installing just one server machine.

DRBL uses PXE/etherboot, NFS, and NIS to provide services to client machines, so you do not have install GNU/Linux on the harddrive of the clients. Once the server is ready to be a DRBL server, then the client machines can boot via PXE/etherboot (diskless).

"DRBL" does NOT touch the harddrive of the clients, so other Operating Systems (for example, M$ Windows) installed on your client machines will not be affected.

This may be important in a phased deployment of GNU/Linux, where users still want to have the option of booting to Windows and running Office. DRBL allows you to be flexible in your deployment of GNU/Linux.

Harddrives are optional for a DRBL client. The harddrive is just another moving part to fail or create more noise. If a harddrive is present, then the client can be configured to use it as swap space, while GNU/Linux is installed and configured on the centralized boot server.

Using the DRBL centralized boot environment, you can save a lot of time by configuring the client settings at the boot server. This gives the system administrator more control over what software configurations are running on each client.. NCHC Free Software Labs - Publisher Page of DRBL - Publisher of DRBL, Author of DRBL 1.9.4-27. Diskless Remote Boot in Linux in short DRBL is an open source environment to to manage GNULinux operating system deployment. Imagine the time required to install GNULinux on 40, 30, or even

Office - Windows - Server - Deployment - System - Linux - Allows - Client - Install - Clients - Installed - Harddrive - Environment - Running - Flexible - Harddrives - Centralized - Configured - Machines - Drbl - Publisher Of Drbl - Author Of Drbl 1 9 4-27 - Etherboot
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