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Remember The Milk

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important software information
company name:
Araz Alipour
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: · Screenlets
functional limitations:
Remember The Milk description

Remember The Milk is a GNOME screenlet that can manage your tasks from

About Screenlets:

Screenlets is the name of both a set of independently-developed widget applications and the widget engine which runs them. The engine runs primarily on X11-based compositing window managers, most notably the Compiz (under Linux) architecture.

Until 0.0.14, screenlets were exclusively scripted in Python and drawn in SVG. Afterward, support was added for web widgets (widgets which are written in HTML, javascript and CSS, similar to widgets for Apple Inc.'s Dashboard).. GTK+ Applications Repository - GTK+ Applications Repository - Community Portal for Applications Apps GTK+ Linux Multimedia Graphic Development Utilities Screensaver News Forum GUI Polls Links Downloads Look X11

Utilities - Screensaver - Graphic - Multimedia - Links - Development - Linux - For - Downloads - Gui - Applications - Org - Forum - News - Apps - Portal - Community - Look - Polls - X11 - Repository - Gtk - Gtk-apps
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Remember The Milk Provider for TBird (Popularity: ) : Remember the Milk Provider for Mozilla Thunderbird. Allows Thunderbird users to access, add or delete tasks from their Remember The Milk Account.
Dot Net Library for RTM Api (Popularity: ) : A Dot Net library for the Remember the Milk Api. Programmed using C# and has both the RTM Api Wrapper as well as an Object Model.
rtmcsharp (Popularity: ) : C# API for Remember the milk
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